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- We are finally able to open our wonderful community garden for you all to sit in! We can serve you in real mugs and using real crockery instead of take-away boxes. 

- According to government policy we are able to seat up to 6 people on one table, outside. 

- We are still doing take-away and if you have any queries please do contact us via email or phone. 

-Food is available for takeaway if you prefer. pre-order - 07751429492


Hi! Thank you so much for visiting Wild Thing and checking in with our covid procedure sin advance. To ensure that your visit is not only delicious but also safe, we have a few covid-safety procedures in place, and we're really grateful for you all for following them. 


  • When queuing at the entrance to the cafe, please maintain a 2m distance between yourself and other customers.

  • A maximum of 6 people from 6 different households is permitted at each table. Unfortunately no interaction between separate tables is permitted according to the latest covid regulations set by the Government.


  • We are completely table service, which means that one of our lovely front of house team members will be taking your order/enquiries/payment at your table today. They will be wearing a mask for your protection and their own. You’re welcome to wear one too, although this is not a legal requirement.

  • We have a Track and Trace system in place - you can use our manual/paper one or the NHS QR code included in your clipboard. 


  • Our team will serve your drinks/food/cakes to you on a tray. They’ll set this down on the table for you, explaining what is what, enabling you to help yourselves and minimise cross-contamination between staff and customers. 


  • We sanitise each tray after each customer interaction to avoid cross-contamination between tables and between customers and staff.

  • All team members wash their hands after serving each customer and wear a mask around customers and other staff members. 


  • We have a hand sanitiser station at the cafe’s entrance (The Hatch) which you are welcome to use. There is also a small hand-gel on your table.

  • The toilets located in the Community Centre are checked and cleaned at the beginning of the day, 1pm and at closing. 


  • For the first phase of hospitality re-opening, we won’t be allowing customers into the cafe’s indoor premises, but will very much encourage people to enjoy their visit in our Community Garden (which is getting a fantastic and cosy revamp). This is in line with the latest covid regulations set by the Government.

  • At the end of your visit, please leave your crockery on the table for our team to clear. We appreciate the help, but we want to avoid customers coming inside the cafe building. 


If you would like any additional information then please do let one of our team members know and we’d be happy to inform you! 


Thank you so much for your visit and your patience while we implement these important safety procedures. We hope you have a safe and dreamy visit. 

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