-PASTRIES (contains gluten) £2.50 T/A £3 Sit in. 

In house made Danish pastries filled with seasonal fruits and delicious toppings.

-CHIA PUDDING(gf) £3.50 T/A £4 Sit in. 

Cacao, date and chia pudding, topped with seasonal berries, candied nuts and edible flowers. 

-OAT POTS (gfo) £3.50 T/A £4 Sit in.

Choose hot or cold! Organic oats with plant based milk, daily spice blend, seasonal berries and yoghurt.

-Smørrebrød (contains gluten) £4.50 T/A £5.50 Sit in

Sweet- Riverside Sourdough Rye bread topped with sweet ricotta, roasted plums and a balsamic maple drizzle. 

Savoury- Spring onion & chive cashew cream with mixed pickles and dukkah.

LUNCH from midday-4pm.


Our own made buttery puff pastry with organic Cardiff tomatoes. Served with a selection of seasonal salad. 

SEASONAL WHOLEFOOD BOWL (gf) £6 T/A £7.50 Sit in.

Curried roasted cauliflower, beetroot, mint & caraway salad, tahini spring onion potato salad, organic welsh salad leaf, pickles, pine nut dukkah sprinkle. 

COURGETTE & POTATO FRITTERS (gf) £6 T/A £7.50 Sit in. 

with Umami lentils. sauteed summer greens and house pickles. 

Everything is vegan.

All food, cakes and pastries are made fresh in house by us. 

We use organic, local and seasonal fruit and veg. 

We use local, ethical and sustainable suppliers.

Sit in prices are higher due to a charge of VAT. 

Some of the menu has no gluten containing ingredients, however, we are in close proximity to a sourdough bakery, so there may be a risk of cross contamination.