We run small seasonal menus which change every 2 weeks.

 Main menu below or check out our festive set menu



 Menu from 10/12/2020


Everything is pay what you can afford. We have suggested prices for those who can afford it. You can pay less or you can pay more to help substitute others. Our pricing strategy aims to  make food accessible to all.


Pastries (Gluten/almonds/sulphites)

A selection available made fresh daily by us.

Winter Spiced Rice Pudding (Nuts/sulphites)
GF Creamy rice pudding cooked with coconut cream and topped with roasted winter berries, candied nuts and orange maple drizzle.

Fruit & Nut Cheese on Toast(Gluten/nuts/sulphites)
Sourdough topped with the cashew tofu cheese, roasted nut & fruit crumb with herb oil

Pancakes (Nuts/Sulphites)
GF almond & buckwheat pancakes topped with creme de chataigne, maple baked quince, coconut cream & candied pecans

Winter Salad (Sulphites/mustard/soya/Gluten)
Warm winter greens & spelt grain salad with shallots, roasted berries & orange vinaigrette

Festive Sarnie (Gluten/soya/sulphites/nuts)
Our own made Focaccia filled with Miso orange tofu, sage & hazelnut stuffing, pickled red cabbage, winter greens, cashew parsnip puree & red onion chutney.

Potato & parsnip rosti (Nuts/sulphites/soya)
with balsamic baked shallots, almond & sprout slaw, micro herbs, crushed toasted almonds


Sides/Small plates
Thyme, lemon & garlic roasted potatoes

Warm sesame toasted broccoli & carrot salad (Sesame/Sulphites/Soya)
Cashew cream cheese balls with fruit & nut crumb (Nuts)
Garlic & herb butter dough balls (Gluten/Nuts)

Everything is vegan

Everything is made fresh in house by us.