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We recently took on some of the operational responsibilities of Cardiff's First Community Fridge, based at Cathays Community Centre.  The fridge provides free access to food for anyone 7 days a week. It aims to tackle food insecurity and food waste simultaneously. Using surplus food to redistribute to those who need access to food. Anyone & everyone can use the fridge. 

The fridge was set up by Fizzi Action Events and funded by Cowbridge Food & Drink Festival.  You can read more about the fridge here: 


We are super excited to launch our new business contribution system for the fridge. It aims to make food redistribution super simple making it easy for you to get on board. We are seeking out food businesses to join our project to help tackle food waste ad make food more accessible in Cardiff!
If you want to get involved contact You will receive a sign up form and lots more info! 

How it will work:
-Register your details with Wild Thing.

-Contact us when you have perfectly good wastage that can’t be sold, via text or email- whichever is easier for you!
-We will arrange a volunteer to collect the food.
-The food will be added to the community fridge.
-The food can be eaten by anyone who uses the fridge making good food more accessible for all!
-As a business you can be proud to be part of this project that tackles food waste and food insecurity.
-Let your customers know your part of the project. We will provide you with artwork for website or social media. ❤️

Join our project and help create a fairer more sustainable food system.

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