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Quick pickles.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

My fridge at the moment is filled with glass jars. I’ve got kombucha, a sourdough starter and a selection of quick pickles ; cabbage, beetroot, carrot and red onion. Having the pickles in the fridge is a really easy way to add more veg to your meals. I love adding pickles to dahls, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Pickles are a good way of extending your shelf life of food. The trick is to pickle the veg when fresh.

Artwork by Julia Bethan.

If staying at home has left you with extra time on your hands then it’s a good time to learn some new kitchen skills. I find pickling is a resourceful skill to learn as it’s a great way to preserve any vegetables so that you are avoid food waste therefore can save money!

1 .Thinly slice your vegetable - we love pickling carrots, beetroots and red onions.

2. Add into clean & dried glass jars

3.Heat 1:1 Coconut Sugar: White Wine Vinegar. For example 300g coconut sugar: 300ml vinegar.You can also do 1:1:1 with water too - if you don’t have too much vinegar.

4. Add in optional herbs/ spices such as:

caraway seeds, black pepper, juniper berries, dill.

5.Pour your pickling mix into the jar.

6.Seal and allow to cool.

7. Store in fridge.

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