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Savoury porridge

Recipe from @petit_bwyta

Savoury porridge has become a WT staple for our Friday morning brekkie crew.

Sometimes it's a joining of sweet and savoury with a bridge like apple and sweet pickles to bring it all together. Other times it's full on savoury feast.

We always use what we have available and it's such a fun and creative process, that changes with the seasons, as does our menu. 

It’s caused a bit of contraversy- but if you fancy mixing up your breakfast why not give this weird and wonderful veg packed bowl a go!

Here's an example of how to make our Savoury porridge at home:


1/2 cup porridge oats

1 cup Oat milk (we use Made by land) 

Pinch of salt

Tahini sauce

(mix tahini with water little by little until creamy and runny, add salt & lemon juice to taste)


Quick pickles

Fresh veggies cut up

Apple slices

Fresh herbs chopped

Spring onion chopped

Toasted mixed seeds 

In a heavy bottom pan, combine and mix the oats, salt and milk on low/med heat, stir occasionally to ensure it doesn't stick or burn. Add a little more milk if needed.

Remove from heat when porridge oats have thickened and is the right consistency for you. 

Once your porridge base is ready, assemble the bowl with pouring the porridge in first,followed by th tahini sauce, finally, top with all of the yummy toppings listed above - it's always nice to consider colour combinations and save the toasted seeds / fresh herbs for the top. 

Sprinkle of black pepper on top and a drizzle of tahini and enjoy!

Let us know your flavour combinations and share your pics with us on insta @wildthingcardiff 

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