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A "could do list" of things that aren't social media.

As the country went into lockdown I decided to temporarily delete some social media apps. I very rarely take time off work so I wanted to make sure that all of this free time wasn't wasted mindlessly scrolling. I created a list of could dos.

I am very much a do-er but I am also trying to use this time just to be. I'm trying to find a balance between just being and doing some lovely things too. Let's not put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect or productive.

So here is a list of things that you could do that aren't social media.

Remember to stay home & stay safe.

~Early morning walks (if safe to do so/ only once per day) ~yoga with an online video or free flow ~read a novel ~read a non fiction and learn something. ~read poetry ~free online course ~listen to podcasts ~clean van ~sort clothes for charity ~sort out bedroom ~clean house in general ~garden : -mow lawn -deweed -plant seeds -veg patch ~make shed into a creative den ~sew clothes with holes ~make aprons/ napkins/ other things ~naturally dye clothes ~cross stitch / embroider ~ferment kombucha / Kraut ~pickle anything ~make jams and chutneys ~bake cakes ~bake breads ~ practice a GF cinnamon bun ~cook healthy dinners ~ clean kitchen / organise cupboards ~ walk in woods and forage wild garlic or flowers ~ relax with a tea ~make yummy golden milks & chai ~video call friends Pamper: ~facemaks ~paint nails ~skin care ~shave legs (maybe) ~shower with essential oils ~watch a good series but one episode at a time. Not binge ~watch a film you really love with family (who live with) ~make essential oil blends ~have a nap ~go for walk in local area ~drink water ~burn candles/ meditate ~journal / gratitude lists ~paint pictures ~paint walls ~ lay in the sun ~online PT session (maybe) ~look at the stars ~practice grounding techniques ~listen to the radio ~listen to the record player ~kitchen disco ~dance ~sing


~donate to our crowdfunder for emergency food provision!

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