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Embracing Bank Holiday at Home. 💕

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Happy Friday to all you lovely people. I am so happy to keep the Wild Thing community connected through this blog and social media.

I have loved loved seeing everyone try out our recipes. I think the dahl and porridge has been everyone’s favourites! Please keep sharing your photos and tagging us because it makes me so happy!

As we head into our third week of lockdown, I find myself embracing more and more this new way of life. There is no use us dwelling on plans or events we would have attended or things we could have done. This is our new normal. And this is life for the foreseeable. So we must try to embrace this new way of living. For me it helps to not think too far in the future of a “when this is all over” approach, or even to think of the past of how things were. But to embrace every single day that we have been given.

Of course there is no denying that this is an extremely difficult time. We haven’t lived through anything quite like this before. We don’t know how to feel, but we could try to accept every feeling that we have and go with that. It’s ok to not be ok. And it’s ok to not be our most productive right now too. I’m trying to go easy on myself and hope that by sharing you can too. 💕

We’ve had an incredible week at Wild Thing; launching our community food project which delivers food to vulnerable people in our city twice a week. Each delivery provides food for 3 days with 3 meals a day worth of food. We have also contributed to the Help The Heroes Diff project, run by Holy Yolks , which provides food for NHS staff. Both projects were very generously funded by you. They are both funded by crowdfunders. You have made this happen. Our incredible volunteers are making this happen and incredibly kindly giving up their time to carry out a great big act of compassion.

I will be sharing some yummy recipes for you to try and enjoy over the Easter weekend but for now, here’s a could do list to embrace the holiday at home.

  • Go on an early morning walk.

  • A picnic in the garden

  • Bake lots of cakes

  • Embrace slow living and read all day

  • Chocolate inspired meals- chocolate pancakes, hot chocolate.

  • No screen time

  • have a sharing food element to connect

  • make cold brews and tasty fresh non alcoholic drinks

  • get dressed up then...

  • dance in the living room/ garden like we are having a bank holiday party!

  • enjoy nature / birdsong and spring time walk.

  • eat egg inspired meals using tofu

  • make a wreath

  • read in the garden

  • light a fire under the stars in the garden.

  • do a restorative yoga practice

  • do a morning face mask Whilst listening to music/ podcast

  • make a roast with lovely spring veggies.

  • Enjoy, go easy, be present.

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