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Overnight Bread Recipe

Easy overnight bread recipe.

This recipe has been contributed by our amazing head chef, they work as a full time chef whilst being an amazing parent too! Their recipes are comforting & hearty and always full of flavour with a focus on being family & budget friendly & low waste. Petit Bwyta 🙌

This recipe requires minimum effort & no kneading


1g (pinch) of dried yeast powder (active dried yeast)

300g Water (cold)

200g Strong bread flour

120g Plain flour

72g Wholemeal flour

1 1/2 tsp Salt


* In a tall bowl, dissolve yeast in water (cold), then add flours & salt.

* Combine with spoon or hands (will look messy, that’s good)

* Cover with a plate overnight (or for 8hrs)

* Mixture should have risen & be bubbly looking

* Tip dough out onto heavily floured surface

*Gently fold in on itself from each corner to make a little ‘packet’

* When ‘package’ is ready, leave to rise for 40mins.

NOW Pre heat oven to highest setting (Gas mark 9 )

*Cut into 6 (ciabatta rolls) or leave whole for a rustic loaf

Bake dough on Gas mark 9 for 15mins, then on Gas mark 7 for 5 mins.


Ensure the oven really is hot & up to temperature or the dough won’t cook thoroughly

Spritz a little water onto your dough/into oven.

towards the end to crisp the crust

If you only have 1 type of flour you can just use that or try another mix to make the total amount up to around 400g as in the ingredients.

Add olives/sundried tomatoes or walnuts to make a flavoured loaf.

ENJOY! SEND YOUR PICS TO @wildthingcardiff so we can see your wonderful creations during this self isolation time. ✨

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