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See you soon, Wild Thing cafes. Hello Wild Thing Blog.

I can’t believe it’s been a week since we temporarily closed our doors in Grangetown & Cathays. 💗✨ We’ve been enjoying a much needed break... Enjoying staying at home, staying safe (whilst also trying to figure out a lot of finance stuff!) and generally distancing a little bit from social media. ✨

But of course we want to keep in touch with you guys for the next few days, weeks , months... and so we are launching the Wild Thing Blog.❤️❤️

-We will be sharing some of our favourite recipes that we use at the cafes. Sharing food is how we like to express our love. ❤️

-We will also be sharing ways to preserve food including our favourite quick pickle recipe

-We will be creating some fun kitchen ideas for you to do at home.. like how to brew kombucha. Let’s be honest we are all at home for a while so we may as well learn some fun kitchen skills that we can take on with us to the future.

-Our head chef @petit_bwyta has created an amazing free document here for anyone to access which includes how to make nutritious meals, avoiding food waste, cooking on a budget and using store cupboard food to make delicious meals!

-We will be sharing how we are spending our time at home and adapting to a slow way of life, things like yoga, meditation, creative stuff. But also let’s remember we don’t need to use this time to be super productive or have some amazing hard to achieve goal by the end of it! It’s weird times at the moment so we need to be kind to ourselves! 💗✨

-Finally , we will be adjusting to this temporarily “post capitalistic socialist leaning” society that we live in and have stopped all commercial elements to our business for now. But we will be joining a Covid Food Response Task Group which is being set up by Food Cardiff with other 3rd sector organisations to ensure accessibility of food for those most vulnerable or living in poverty.

That’s our update. Keep connected by following this blog and our social media post.

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