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Spring Carrot & Almond Cake

Photo: Cara Heath Photography.

I absolutely love carrot cake! I find that a traditional spiced carrot cake is perfect for Autumn/ Winter when you want all of those cosy warming tastes, with an indjulgent creamy frosting. (Autumn version pictured above.) But this carrot cake recipe is light and perfect for spring, for when you fancy something sweet but not quite as heavy.

It uses almond flour for a light sponge and we have chosen not to ice this cake. It just seems a perfect fit for Spring.

Spring Time Carrot & Almond Cake.

200g Almond Flour

100g Buckwheat Flour

1/2 tsp bicarb

1 tsp baking powder

100g coconut sugar

2 tsp nutmeg

100ml maple syrup

180ml oat milk

50ml rapeseed oil.

2 carrots (grated)

juice of 2 limes

-Preheat oven to 180 degrees

-Grease & line a round cake tin

-In a large mixing bowl add in flours, bicarb, baking powder, coconut sugar, nutmeg & a pinch of salt

-Then add in the milk, oil, maple and juice of 2 limes.

-Stir through the grated carrot.

-If the mix seems to dry add more milk. If the mix seems too wet add a sprinkle extra of almond flour.

-Spoon mix into the prepped cake tin.

-Lightly tap the tin so that you level out the surface

-Bake in oven for 30 mins.

I don't ice this cake as it's a bit lighter and less heavy but but can finish off this cake with a sprinkle of icing sugar or coconut sugar over the baked sponge.


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