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The Perfect Porridge

When the cafe opened I never thought one of our most popular menu items would be porridge! 💓Humble & simple. Porridge is easily my favourite go to breakfast. ✨✨ Oats are so comforting, cheap and filling so are the perfect isolation breakfast. This morning we are sharing how we build our perfect porridge. 💓✨

Beautifully illustrated by the incredible Julia Bethan

How to make the perfect porridge:

-1/2 cup porridge oats

-1 cup Made By Land oat milk

-sprinkle of ground flax seeds

- spices (my fave)- 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp cardamom, 1/2 tsp ginger

optional add in:

nut butter,

grated apple


Cook the oats on the hob on a low heat.

•gently stirring continuously cook for 5-10 minutes until creamy.

Add to your Bowl then we always top with the following 5 toppings for the perfect porridge. -Seasonal Fruit - stewed, roasted, poached, compote or fresh

Yoghurt- coconut / soy.

Nut butter 🤤 -Something crunchy- seeds, nuts, granola. -& a sprinkle of spice.

Spice suggestions:

Warming on a cold day

Golden milk porridge - ½ tsp turmeric ½ cinnamon, ½ ginger dash of maple black pepper.

Classic cinnamon -1 tsp cinnamon with a sprinkle of coconut sugar

Cacao Beet - 2 tsp cacao, ½ tsp beet, 1 tsp date syrup

Fruit cake vibe - 1 tsp cinnamon, ½ nutmeg, ½ ginger, pinch of allspice.

Chai - 1 tsp of chai mix with maple

Lighter coming into Spring.

Ginger & apple - grated apple with 1 tsp ginger and a sprinkle of raisin.

Cardamom & Vanilla - 1 tsp of cardamom with a small dash of vanilla

Lightly spiced - 1 tsp cardamom, ½ cinnamon, pinch ginger.

Almond butter, apple & date - ½ tbsp almond butter, grated apple, a few chopped dates.

Persian - ½ tsp pomegranate molasses, small dash of rose water, pinch of cardamom.

Tea infusions - brew earl grey/ black tea rhubarb/ green tea & peach. Infuse into porridge. Use half a cup of tea with half a cup of milk when making the porridge in this way.

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