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Updated: Feb 18, 2021


A little look back on these gorgeous pancakes from last spring. 🌱🌻Topped with rhubarb compote , vanilla Coyo and a pistachio crumb. Rhubarb season starts in April in the UK and so the cafe closure is means we will miss out on rhubarb in the cafe this Spring. 💗

I’m sharing our perfect pancake recipe so that you can enjoy fluffy stacks of vegan pancakes at home. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.



-125g flour , plain or combo of below

(GF - oat, almond & buckwheat (50/50) )

-200ml oat or almond milk

-1 tsp baking powder

-1 tbsp maple syrup

-1 tsp cinnamon

-Dash of vanilla.


-Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl.

-Then add in maple, and vanilla and stir.

-Slowly add in the milk until a batter mix forms. It should be thick but pourable.

-Heat a large skillet pan on medium heat until hot.

Add a tiny bit of oil (we use rapeseed.)

-Pour batter into 3 equal rounds (about 1 large serving spoon worth) , heat until you see a few heat bubbles, flip when easily turned

-Cook on other side until slightly browned.

-Serve & Top.

Our toppings rule:

+Maple syrup

+Something fruity. Using the fruit that’s in season locally.

(Apples mainly, rhubarb in spring, strawberries In summer,blackberries/ pears in Autumn.)

You can poach, roast, compote or have fresh.

+Something creamy. Nut butter, yogurt , cashew cream cheese, caramel.

+A sprinkle of something crunchy. Toasted seeds, candied nuts, granola.

Enjoy! Stay at home , stay safe and eat pancakes you beautiful people. 💗✨

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